"Your wish is our design"

If you would like to ...

... build your dream house or office

... get architectural permit drawings 

... have a green sustainable building

... lower your energy bill

... renovate or build an extension

... have interior design or 3D support


 ... welcome you're at the right place. 

We design in any architectural style - whichever fits your wishes with green energy-saving methods. 


we believe quality takes time 

That's why we created a step-by-step proces plan for your project: 


making your building personal with your (P)interest


with more than 1000 FLOOR PLANS designed, we politely call ourselves experts in green design solutions

We make 3 variants - floor plans and elevations - you can choose which one are best

Our Packages

We offer multiple design-build packages ranging from making just the permit drawings to taking care of an entire turn-key project.

Green Renovation and remodeling 

For existing houses

We can remodel and make your existing house cooler



Do you know how much money you monthly waste by living in a house which is not insulated?

Whereas designing a new sustainable building is a matter of ambition, existing buildings on Aruba are almost always lack sustainability. Homes which are not insulated leak out cool  conditioned air though every single wall and window, which means that the A/C must be turned on at all times in order to create a livable house. Energy-inefficiency is not only harming the environment, it is harming your wallet. We observe and see that many homeowners are seeking help to improve their existing building into a more sustainable one.