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No project too big - no projects too small. We offer total solutions for energy-saving buildings.

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Designs focused on green and energy-saving methods, because your wish is our design.

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Rentable spaces for clients who want to make a profit with design and energy-saving methods.



Functional and innovative green solutions for companies which want to make impact. Click here

green renovations

Transforming existing buildings that need to save energy and show a new face ready for the future.


Alto vista luxurious mansion

We designed this extraordinary villa on Alto Vista hill. The luxurious home has special designs for the pool, bar, and interior. This contemporary mansion is a state-of-the-art example of a green design home on Aruba.

Green Products Used:

  1. Fully insulated roof

  2. Roof white cover over garage against heating

  3. Double insulated glazing in aluminium window frames

  4. Sunshading louvres

  5. Led lighting

  6. Inverter swimming pool

  7. Inverter airco system

  8. White reflecting paint

  9. Use of sustainable materials

  10. Garden with irrigation water system

  11. Hidden rainwater system in columns

  12. Passive cooling with ventilation


residential project

aruba's first sips house

We are very proud to be able to say that we are currently building the first SIPS home on Aruba. SIPS is a revolutionary and sustainable modular building system, which is perfect for the Caribbean environment. Making the house out of SIPS panels will save the proud client much money. Read more by clicking the button.


  1. SIPS structural insulated panels as walls and roof

  2. Double insulated glazing in aluminium window frames

  3. LED lighting

  4. Smart detailling

  5. Thick insulation

  6. Light shades reflecting paint

  7. Garden septic tank with irrigation water system

  8. Hidden rainwater gutter

Residential project

MOdern extention

We designed this contemporary extention to a traditional Caribbean cunucu using durable strong SIPS panels. The architectural contrast between modern and traditional is unique in Aruba.


  1. White roof cover against heat

  2. LED lighting

  3. Optimal use of daylight

  4. Inverter swimming pool

  5. Light shades of reflecting paint

  6. SIPS structural insulated panels