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Renovation Project

manchebo resort restaurants

We renovated restaurants at Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa - Ike's bistro - with green products and construction, taking the restaurant to the next level.


Green products used:

  1. LED lighting

  2. Ceiling fans

  3. Inverter swimming pool

  4. Inverter airco system

  5. Use of sustainable materials such as granite

  6. Thatch palm roof covers

Commercial project 

Manchebo gym shack

We designed and built this amazing gym shack for Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa. We used many green products, like double glazing and durable composite wood decking.

Green Products Used:

  1. Fully insulated roof and walls

  2. Double insulated glazing

  3. Sunshading louvres

  4. Led lighting

  5. Inverter airco system

  6. Light shaded reflecting paint

  7. Use of sustainable materials

  8. Durable composite wood from http://www.trex.com/

Commercial project

Manchebo yoga deck

We designed and built this yoga deck for Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa using durable Accoya wood. Learn more about Accoya by clicking the button.

green products used:

  1. Durable accoya wood more about accoya
  2. Prefabricated wood cut to save time and energy

Renovation project

bubali bliss apartments

We redesigned and renovated the apartments of Bubali Bliss into a colorful Caribbean environment.


Green Products Used:

  1. White roof cover against heat

  2. Led lighting

  3. Optimal use of daylight

  4. Inverter swimming pool

  5. Inverter airco system

  6. White reflecting paint

  7. Use of sustainable materials

Commercial project

Design contest aduana aruba new office

We participated in the national contest do design the new office for Aruba Customs (Aduana) in Barcadera. Our theme was 'Sail into the future' - a green building with many sustainable features. 


  1. Fully insulated roof

  2. White perforated overhangs to block sun

  3. Double insulated glazing in aluminium window frames

  4. Sunshading louvres

  5. LED lighting

  6. Green in interior and exterior

  7. Passive cooling with ventilation

  8. Optimal orientation

Engineering - turning the dream into reality

Our engineering services are to lay down a foundation for you, so we can help you with construction management and engineering for your project.

Designing a building is not just architecture. In fact, the most time-consuming stage of designing processes is engineering - the technical development of architectural aspiration. Making sure the design is stable, comfortable, sustainable, and is satisfied to all building regulations. It's about turning the dream into reality.


If you are in search of architectural engineering services, we can offer you:

  • a strong team of all-round engineers

  • sustainable engineering solutions.

technical design - office notary johnson aruba

For this project we did the technical development of the design of another architect.


the four branches of engineering: 

sustainability & green

Green checklist

Sustainability advice

Leed certification

Green audit calculations

sustainable Structures


Material advice

Structural calculations

3D structural analysis


time winning construction

Fire safety plans

Detail drawings

Preparation drawings

Maintenance report

energysaving installations

Ventilation plan


Electrical design 

Plumbing design

Waste water plan


Featuring clients: 

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  • Wendy's 
  • Bavaria Restuarant
  • KFC 
  • Domino's Pizza
  • Aruba Port Authority
  • Dienst Openbare Werken
  • Aruba Supply and Distribution
  • Arbudeko Development VBA
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