SIPS is a revolutionary and high peformance building system. The building methode uses prefabricated framing panels which consist out of a core of EPS insulation (expanded polystyrene, commonly known as styrofoam), sandwiched between two boards made of magnesium oxide in between wooden studs and plates.

  • Innovative use of new materials
  • Self-supporting and strong
  • Hurricane-proof up to 240 km/h
  • Insulating with Rc=4,5 which saves up to 60% of energy usage 
  • 120 minutes fireproof - up to 600 degrees Celcius
  • Waterproof
  • Moldproof
  • Termiteproof
  • Construction is up to 55% faster 
  • DOW approved 
  • Any finishing material


Magnesium oxide (MgO) is a perfect material for the Caribbean, since it is 100% resistant to termites, water, and mold and has a fire resistance of 120 minutes for temperatures up to 600 degrees Celcius. The MgO boards are structurally glued to the core of sytrofoam insulation, which makes a SIPS panel also a great insulating barrier. In fact, the heat resistance of a standard SIPS panel is equal to 4,5 m2K/W (25,6 ft2Fh/Btu), which practically translates to a energy usage which is up to 60% lower compared to a uninsulated building.


SIPS example home in Poland

SIPS is strong and has little deflection

SIPS is strong and has little deflection


The panels are prefabricated, which means the panels are constructed and sawn to fit, complete with window recesses in a factory, after which the complete set is transported via shipping container to the construction site. On the site, the panels only need to be placed, adjusted level, and connected using a mobile crane. Because of the prefabrication, the panels can be produced using high-tech equipment under the perfect circumstances. The construction of a SIPS on-site house is hereby up to 55% faster than the construction of a building built with conventional framing and stacking.

When the panels are placed on their concrete foundation and connected, the whole forms a structurally stable and strong building which is hurricane proof up to 240 m/h, which makes the building system perfectly applicable even for environments found in Miami. Left is a car on a SIPS panel.

Even though the building system is new to Aruba, the building system is approved by the DOW, and we are currently building several houses using SIPS walls and floors. 

SIPS panels can be finished with any material you like: plaster, wood, stone, you name it. All it's properties together make SIPS building a very elegant and sustainable building method.