BUILDING Program of demand information 

This Q&A-page gives information on the questions in the construction Program of Demand, to advice you in your choices. 

+ C1 - What type of ground floor would you like?

We offer a variety of ground floor options:

  • Concrete on compacted granite ($$) is what we use the most for houses. A concrete floor is durable: it can withstand much pressure, it's easy to maintain, doesn't rot (lasts long), can be recycled, is super flat and is comfortably resistant to temperature changes. A heavy floor resists contact sounds very well, like the contact sounds of heels shoes walking. We poor cement into a mold of raised and compacted granite, and strenghten it with steel rebar. We recommend this floor because of all the advantages, and because of the affordable price.
  • Traditional foundation slabs with masonry blocks ($) ...
  • Highly insulated concrete system floor ($$$) ...
  • Wooden of composite flooring ($) A wooden ground floor is the cheapest option. It is light weight and super affordable, but can rot because it is on ground level. It is also not the most durable or comfortable option.
  • SIPS floor ($$) is a structural insulated floor (the same system as SIPS wall panels. It is strong, light of weight, and fully insulated. This method is a good option if you also build with SIPS walls.

+ C2 - What type of structural exterior walls would you like?

We offer a variety of exterior wall options:

  • MgO SIPS ($$) SIPS is our signature building system, which we highly recommend. SIPS is strong, fully insulated, precisely prefabricated, and is quickly build. Click here to go to our SIPS webpage.
  • Hollow masonry blocks with insulation ($) Hollow masonry blocks are cheap and strong. The blocks are all individually stacked, which makes the building process longer (and also more expensive). To make the method sustainable, separate insulating panels are place against the outside of the walls, making the overall wall relatively thick. This leaves less interior space.
  • Denseglass metal or wooden framing with insulation($$$) ...
  • Buildblocks insulated concrete form ($) are ICF's (Insulating Concrete Forms). The light-weight hollow insulating forms are stacked to make a wall and then filled with concrete. This makes a strong insulated wall possible. It takes more time to build than SIPS, and is more expensive than regular hollow masonry blocks.


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