7 Benefits of Turnkey Constructions

The Importance of Construction with a Turnkey Provider. Everything under one roof.

Should you consider using us as general contractor for your next major project? Clients often don’t want to deal with multiple contractors, having to worry about who gets paid when, who didn’t do what, and who is liable for damages or injuries on the job. Thankfully, finding a turnkey provider to take on your company’s building project is not that difficult. But if you don’t understand how GRParchitects & Construction works, then you’re missing out on all the true benefits of Turn Key construction.

Turnkey Green Solutions: Benefits

No matter the size or complexity of your project it’s important to learn about GRParchitects & Construction and its benefits. When you sign a construction contract with us as a turnkey provider, it means:

  • No multiple contracts, no multiple payments. Consider yourself fortunate if your desk has not been covered in a sea of subcontractor contract after subcontractor contract when you start a project. With a GRP as a turnkey provider, you no longer worry about several multiple contracts and invoices to pay. 
  • No extra expenses you didn’t count on. Because many companies choose to have multiple contractors for their projects, they sometimes get surprised with big bills they didn’t want or need to pay for in the first place. With GRP as contractor, there are no surprises. 
  • Minimal  liability to deliver the project. When you hire us as Turn Key provider, they take on any liability from the job site. All the client has to worry about is ensuring the contractor company has everything they need to start the job and finish it.
  • One team, one project, for the length of the project. The entire project under GRParchitects & Construction  would be completely handled by one team, led by a project manager, throughout the length of the project. Everyone gets together in the initial phases and discusses the details of the project. Through BIM methods, problems can be accurately anticipated and modified until the final design is ready and approved for the construction phase.
  • One contract, one contact. The best part? No need to memorize names or rummage through piles of paperwork. You have one point of contact, one contract to sign, one end result.
  • Green Solutions to save money and save energy. Our niche is to make your plan as Green and Sustainable as possible. With the green knowledge we can give you an project ready for the future.