The 7 methods to save money

Energy Saving is money saving.

But I have a big problem and dilemma with my clients, that they rather have a bigger house than save money on the long run. I studied those people and I found out they are survivors and are trying to keep their head up in this economic world where money speaks harder than words. But also I found out that they need more information about Green Knowledge because Green methods can save you a lot of money. I will share my knowledge, because I believe in sharing is caring.

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Trias Energetica

I will try to explain the basics of Green Knowledge and I can tell you it consist of 3 parts the Trias Energetica

  1. save energy by reduce energy demand
  2. use renewable energy and materials
  3. use sustainable Fossil Fuel Clean sources for energy
  1. The basic to save energy is to look to the building body elements, such as insulation, shadow, position of the building and all what you can do with this is a fast return on investment. Also the AA+ label on electronics and cars will save you a lot of money and energy.
  2. To use renewable energy like sun-panels is a big investment but with a lot of sun you need to take profit, also the wind is a helper. The only disadvantage is the long run of getting back your investment
  3. The use of water as fuel and wind power will be a fuel what we will use more in the future. Night ventilation is the best way to cool down your home in the night and shutdown the windows as much during the day in sunny places like the Caribbean. If we decrease the demand than we don't need so much fuel. Hope science will find more solutions.

Here are my top 8 reasons and dilemma's people don't use green.

  1. LACK OF INFORMATION. It's that we are not up to date with the general knowledge of green-building, there is no real intention to save the earth and resources of energy.
  2. COST MORE MONEY we think green building cost more money to save money. A lot of people don't think of the long term sustainable saving options. But Green Buildings don't need to be expensive it only needs to be smart.
  3. NO LAW OR REGULATIONS. There are no regulations for green designs.
  4. NO SHARING. Green knowledge is not spread, so also not the green methods like in European and US countries. If people would share and care their solutions, we can make a better way. There is no marketing for green knowledge and even the sellers of green products keep their mouth shut. 
  5. NO PROFESSIONALS. People don't hire professional to be informed to make them see how much money and energy they can save
  6. LACK OF KNOWLEDGE OF THE HEALTHY CONSEQUENCES. People don't know their dangers yet for their health. (like closed Airco Systems) and lack of ventilation. click here to see our video
  7. NO OR LESS PROJECT RESEARCH. There are not or few research example projects to see on the islands what the effect is.

I hope you get a little wiser and will choose green, because when you save energy, you will save money and energy prices are rising.

Information means transformation, hope people get better informed before they choose to build, because you only build once, better save now.

What are your reasons?