7 tips for common mistakes about building prices

Every day we hear a lot of people are getting fooled with building prices and we know the pain of getting fooled with so- called professionals who are money hungry and smart enough to make you trust them. We will try to give you some tips and direction to make you avoid them.


  1. The biggest mistake in construction is to trust contractors or people and don't put things on paper like a good contract with specifications.

  2. Many clients don't take time for building preparation and half begun is half done. They buy and don't compare.

  3. The contractor was in need of a job, so he offers a low (unrealistic) price to get you in as a client, which in most cases will end in extra cost. Mostly they use cheap labor, which in most will cost extra time and results in poor quality.

  4. There is no supervision, what will end up in building Technics, money and planning problems. 
  5. There is no complete contract and penalties don't exist.
  6. The use of low quality material.
  7. Zero to limited work preparation, work drawings, which will ease the building construction and the planning.
  8. No specified bill of quantities, what will end up with extra bills.
  9. The building structure is over-dimension, the structural engineer made every structure extra big which results in higher and unnecessary costs.

My advise for people is:

  1. Always ask at least 3 different (sub)contractors for a price to have a good comparison.
  2. Make a technical contract with a specified job description. (Bestek /specifications and conditions)
  3. Make building preparation drawings " half begun is half done"
  4. Always look for references & testimonials of the (sub)contractor.
  5. Hire a supervisor and building engineer to oversee the project. Hire a specialist, building engineering is a scientific research profession.
  6. Make your project in phases also in the floor plan so that you always have a piece of the building finished to live in when things won't go good.
  7. YOBO You Only Build Once, please take notice and be careful take your time and orientate to make your steps.



We can help you to make cost estimations and choose the best contractors.

The building prices on Aruba for traditional building is approximate between the 900 and 1500 dollars per square meters.

If you want to build green and sustainable, than you need to add 15% to 25% more to the building cost. Than you will save every month and every year money and you invest in a better sustainable future.

We can help you find property and help you find certificated contractors or help you with supervision or manage the construction for you with our own construction company.